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Valentines Day

What will you be doing for valentines day?



If you were thinking of showing your loved one how much they mean to you, I would guess there would be no better way than wearing it on your skin:… after all , it will be with you for life, and there in lies the problem,  simply because, although you can declare your underlying love right  here ,right now but, how do you know what your feelings will be   2, 4 ,5,  10 years down the line.

An expression of love does not always need to be be flaunted, it needs to be apparent, always and everyday,and not just valentines day, high days and holidays. If you truly love someone, show them, respect them,but above all else BE THERE FOR THEM

I have chosen this one tattoo that expresses all  I feel, to me it encapsulates all of the above : Nuff said:


Bansky tattoo

Bansky tattoo

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