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Tattoo burned off by blowtorch

I try to keep this blog light hearted but informative, so when i came across the news that this week a Texan gang member was sentenced to 15 years in federal prison for burning off a tattoo on the rib cage of an ex member of the gang, I thought it was worth bringing it your attention. So if you ever see this tattoo

Gang tattoo

Gang tattoo

RUN ………    because this is badge of honor that you can only have tattooed if you have earned it by being a fully fledged member of the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas gang.
Now i shudder to think what you have to do to get this tattoo, because this gang will go to extreme and painful lengths to remove it from your skin while it is still attached to your body
if you dare to leave the gang or get one tattooed if you have not earned the right to wear it, which just goes to prove that just as tattoos can be striking and beautiful, there is also
the dark side that not many people get to see or hear about, which is why you should be very careful in choosing your tattoo as it symbolizes what you are and what you represent, but
looking on the bright side if you do ever find yourself in the unfortunate position of having one of these tattoos you can always use  this as shown in this post to remove it, which will be a lot
less painful than having it removed by blow torch. You can read the full article of this unfortunate gang member and also another gang member who was beaten senseless to remove it himself . See the  the full report by Dane Schiller   here
or click on the related article below



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