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Ed Hardy clothing range

ed hardy fashionIt is a career spanning decades from its beginnings in 1973 under the tutelage of Sailor Jerry Collins. Ed Hardy has turned tattooing from an art form into a huge fashion powerhouse. From the man’s mouth, Ed made the decision to shift his focus from tattooing to other art forms “I tattooed for 40 years,” he said. “That’s enough.”

Ed Hardy Fashion

Ed Hardy’s tattoo designs have a pronounced Japanese influence where he studied under Japanese classical tattoo master Horihide. What sets his work apart from everyone else is how he has successfully fused the Oriental influence with his Western influenced ideas. This has made the Ed Hardy brand unique and allowed it to transcend cultural divides.
His designs are exotic and colorful and are a work of art and have appeared on just about anything. Big sellers in America include sweaters, jeans, golf carts and even trainers. What has made Ed Hardy a success in fashion is the creativity of his designs and the connections people make to them. Also not everyone wants to ink their body but they still like the appeal of his art and creativity. Another way would be to purchase jeans or a sweater with the signature Ed Hardy tattoo design.

Worn by celebrities

The French fashion designer Christian Audigier recognized this opportunity and decided to create an Ed Hardy inspired clothing line. This involved wrapping tattoo designs around the legs of skinny jeans and sweater arms. It gives Ed Hardy fans a different form of expression, closer to wearing the ink but not quite.
The Ed Hardy and Christian Audigier combination has worked tremendously well with celebrities like Madonna and Britney Spears as well as reality TV stars often spotted in Ed Hardy gear. This has pushed the brand well beyond what Ed Hardy could have imagined back in the mid 70’s when he opened his first tattoo studio. Choosing instead to focus on other art forms today, his creative designs are taking on the fashion world.Take a look  here  for the celebrities that made news wearing Ed Hardy designs.

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