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While most people are sensible when its comes to getting a tattoo, a survey conducted in January 2012 revealed that 1 in 7 young adults regret their inkings. The most common reasons were

“I was too young” “I was drunk” “ I am scarred for life” “ I dont like it”. It seems that those in their late teens to early twenties who got inked were looking at ways they could remove their tattoos later on in adult life due to work issues or life events. Several owners opt to cover an unwanted tattoo with a new tattoo. This is generally known as a cover-up. A successful cover up remains solely in the hands off the tattoo artist and his ability to visualise beyond the existing tattoo.

Now if we were still living in the dark ages, tattoo removal consisted of injecting the inking with lime, wine, garlic or pigeon droppings- YUK- thankfully,we have moved on a lot since then and Q switch lasers are now used and black dark colours can now be removed albeit the scarred tissue will take months to heal, and the smell of burning flesh is not to everyone’s taste.

These lasers use pulses that shatter the pigments of the Tattoo which is then absorbed by the body via the lymphatic system. This can take between 6 to 20 sessions depending on the colours of the Tatt. Lighter colours are more difficult to treat than dark colours due to Pastels containing high concentrations of titanium dioxide, which reflect the light, thus causing a throwback to the laser beam.

Laser removal can be very painful and the stench of burning flesh can be hard to stomach so we now have two alternative disposal methods that are in development.

Dalhouse University graduate student Alek Falkenham has developed a cream that promises safe and painless removal you can read about it here

and US Stemcell Inc. and CLEARIT LLC are working together on a product called ERASER (TM) and if cleared it could be available as early as 2017

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Tattoo burned off by blowtorch

I try to keep this blog light hearted but informative, so when i came across the news that this week a Texan gang member was sentenced to 15 years in federal prison for burning off a tattoo on the rib cage of an ex member of the gang, I thought it was worth bringing it your attention. So if you ever see this tattoo

Gang tattoo

Gang tattoo

RUN ………    because this is badge of honor that you can only have tattooed if you have earned it by being a fully fledged member of the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas gang.
Now i shudder to think what you have to do to get this tattoo, because this gang will go to extreme and painful lengths to remove it from your skin while it is still attached to your body
if you dare to leave the gang or get one tattooed if you have not earned the right to wear it, which just goes to prove that just as tattoos can be striking and beautiful, there is also
the dark side that not many people get to see or hear about, which is why you should be very careful in choosing your tattoo as it symbolizes what you are and what you represent, but
looking on the bright side if you do ever find yourself in the unfortunate position of having one of these tattoos you can always use  this as shown in this post to remove it, which will be a lot
less painful than having it removed by blow torch. You can read the full article of this unfortunate gang member and also another gang member who was beaten senseless to remove it himself . See the  the full report by Dane Schiller   here
or click on the related article below



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Tattoo removal made easy

If after watching the video in this   previous post on having your tattoo removed and do not fancy the pain or expense involved,here is a simple and quick solution.

This is the 101 of Tattoo removal made easy as you never know when you are going to need to cover that tattoo in hurry. People tend to judge others on how they look, and if after watching this video you get the same  shock as i did you will understand that you should never judge a book by its cover. These are the most extreme tattoos i have ever seen, and i do wonder what he must do for a living, as i cannot see him getting past the door on any job interviews.
Watch it through to the end, you will not believe your eyes

Well what do you  think?

If your impressed you can get it here

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What To Expect From Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal

At some point or another or for various reasons, people often make the decision to get their tattoo removed. In some cases the tattoo will reflect a lost love and sometimes the tattoo will be something that the individual doesn’t want anymore. Whatever the cause may be, getting a tattoo removed is a decision that takes quite of bit of time and thought.

If you’ve been thinking about getting a tattoo removed, you’ll need to start out by making an appointment with a local doctor or dermatologist and discuss your options. Your doctor will look over the tattoo, the condition of the tattoo, and which methods he thinks will work best for the removal.

All methods of tattoo removal do require surgery, which in itself will carry along risks and side effects. Even though you may be getting a simple surgery there could be complications which will be pointed out to you at the consultation. For this reason, you should always consider getting a tattoo removed very carefully. It’s very important that you be extremely sure you want the tattoo removed before you proceed with any type of tattoo removal surgery.

Most often times your doctor or dermatologist will be able to explain to you step by step how the surgery works, how long it will take to complete, and the type of recovery that you can expect. As you probably already know, the surgery site will be quite tender for a long period of time and will more than likely result in scarring. As time goes by however, the scarring will tend to lessen eventually to the point where it isn’t all that visible.

The answer to scarring however, all depends on the tattoo’s size. If you have a large tattoo, the scarring result will be more than that of a smaller tattoo. Depending on where you have the tattoo that you want removed, you may notice quite a bit of pain. Certain areas of the body, such as the chest and elbows are more sensitive than other areas of the body.

Once you and your doctor have agreed on a decision to remove the tattoo, you’ll be given an appointment time for the surgery. It may or may not be performed as outpatient surgery; it all depends on your health and any complications that may arise. In most cases, those that had tattoo removal surgery are held overnight and observed before being allowed to go home. Before you have the surgery, you should always speak to your surgeon and find out if there are any known risks associated with your procedure.

As many know, the costs of getting a tattoo removed can be very expensive. If the tattoo is a large one, the expenses can be outrageous. Most insurance companies won’t pay for these costs unless there is a medial or health reason involved as it will be classed as a cosmetic procedure, so you will need to cover the cost personally. You should discuss this with  your doctor and decide on payment arrangements before you proceed.

Getting a tattoo removed can be expensive, painful, and impose risks that you’ll need to think about. Even though you can get a tattoo removed, many wonder if it’s worth it. The best way to deal with tattoos and their removal – is to avoid getting them in the first place if you uncertain about any aspect of the design or placement.

click here to see a tattoo being removed

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